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responsibility for this attack on an u.s. base in afghanistan. >>> and. atlantic city trying to bounce back from hurricane sandy. today president obama will try to rally congressional support for a strike on syria. he'll be meeting with key senators including john mccain who has long pushed for the president to take a stronger stance. john kerry and chuck hagel will testify before the senate. it has been 48 hours since he said that he needs congressional approval for the attack. do you have a sense of whether the congress will play ball this time. >> this is why the white house is go full court press calling in key members in chuck hagel and crown kerry to speak to the white house, and bringin to brig skeptical republicans. >> congress does not officially meet until monday, but that does not mean that they're not working on syria as we speak. >> that's right. the white house on the phone--top administration officials calling key senators and congressmen both in their home districts and those who are back here in washington working the phones. we understand that the president and vice president a
.2 billion accounted for all the money spent. >>> gaming may be up, but over the last few years atlantic city chips have been down. we have more on the city's strategy for renewal, john? >> hey, del, i want to borrow your old hawaiian for this assignment but i couldn't find one. so i put the blue one on instead. we wanted to show you ozone on this lib day and the seaside action. there aren't so many now that we're on the air, but they were here earlier on. they're out and cycling around, the only thing miss something sunshine. hopefully it will be out later on in the day. the problem with atlanta city, there are two things they have to overcome. hurricane sandy when this boardwalk was destroyed. revenues in 2006 has come down from $5.2 billion a year to $3 billion a year. and there has been a hemorrhaging of jobs at the same time frame as well. we've been out and about to meet some of the people who are determined to put atlantic city back on its feet. >> they are truly cathedrals to gambling, aren't they. >> gambling for the blessed. >> that's right, you're blessed if you win. >> he was laid
. back to you. >> from the nation's second city of gambling, how atlantic city is betting on a new beginning. >> next up, she's a long distance swimmer who shattered the record for the longest unprotected swim. so night, she can finish her goal of swimming from florida to cuba. ♪ why some critics say the school is setting the kids up for failure. >> an atlantic city competition from legalized gambling in nearby states has come into the city's gaming profit and thinned the crowd on its famous bored walk. the city's strategy for renewal is explained. >> they are truly cathedrals to gambling. >> it is a bless. >> if you win. >> he once worked in the giant casino, but laid off when the economy tanked and now runs a series of ladies shops. the hurricane damaged the store and he was forced to tap into a pension to keep going. >> if i had no i.r.a. and if insurance will not help me, i would never have opened store and i would be in the street. >> he says things are so slow after the hurricane that he and his wife often stay open all night just to try to make ends meet. >> sandy caused d
articles. today, we are focusing on a special commemorative issue of the atlantic. jfk is on the cover. hour,me in our -- and approaching the 50 anniversary of his assassination. in the studio, the editor-in- chief of "the atlantic." could you tell us what this is about, and why you decided to put out this edition? thet: we're approaching 50th anniversary of the assassination of jfk and the -- john f. kennedy. kennedy remains with us today. his legacy is so contested. views of him are still all over the map. historians to rate him that high. the put them in the top 20. americans rate him extremely high. he remains the most popular president of the 20th century besides of franklin roosevelt. "atlantic" has been around for a long time. we covered the kennedy administration thoroughly. our writers have struggled with the question of what impact his administration had, and what he was like as a man. forommission new stories the insights and revelations of the 50 years since he was killed. putting that together with great pieces by walter litman and other writers. trying to produce a compos
on this side of the atlantic. apparently both houses, upper and lower house want to send delegations to directly engage with congressional members to talk with them about this vote, presumably to dissuade them voting in the positive. later in the day, apparently, even president putin stepped in front of parliament in russia and said this is a good idea, he endorsed it. what kind of influence they expect to have once they come to the united states, it's unclear, but clearly the message is with we need to engage with the united states and dissuade them from any kind of military action. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> a group of computer hackers called the syrian electronic army has attacked the u.s. marines recruiting website today. a message on the site called for marines to fight with the syrian army and said "obama is a traitor who wants to put your lives in danger to rescue al-qaeda insurgents." few facts are known about the group but they have hacked media and social outlets in the past, including "the new york times," and twister. japan's government will take a more direct role i
when hurricane isabel made landfall in the mid-atlantic, flooding many parts of maryland. while isabel was a strong storm, by the time it hit land, the winds came down, but the storm surge pounded certain voice. residents down there still remember the devastation like it was last week >> it was sad to see all the piles of debris coming out of people's houses. their furniture, all sorts of things. unbelievable. hurricane isabel did about $1 billion worth of damage in the d.c. and baltimore area. the emergency response to the flood disaster in colorado is slowing a little bit tonight. officials say that crews are going door-to-door, looking through piles of debris and vehicles for victims and damage. the number of those unaccounted for is slowly of this morning, it was just over 300. so far, there are six confirmed deaths, but in some areas, the damage is so severe that it will be months before there is a way in or out on the ground. of course, they are asking all those people to leave. when the weather sets in, if they have no way to get down -- >> that is just unbelievable
in the northeastern part of the united states. >> kevin, thank you very much. atlantic city, one of the gambling capitals of the east coast has been dealing with a losing streak in the last few years, in 2008, and last year, the city was battered by hurricane sandy, but it's all in for revival. >> they are truly cathedrals to gambling. >> gambling is a blessing if you win. >> he worked for the giant casinos, but he was laid off. and now he runs a chain of ladies fashion shops. mohammed was forced to tap into his pension and close an ira account just to keep going. >> . >> more ira retirement, in the store. >> he says things are so slow after the hurricane, he and his wife often stay open all night, just to try to make ends meet. >> sandy caused damage up and down the coastline. here there was flooding and the historic part of the boardwalk was swept away. it went out and atlantic city is closed for business permanently. >> in fact, they were open in a week, and is the revenue was down. but atlantic city is used to rolling with the punches. it had entertainment and kept it's boardwalk packed. the
earlier flooding that was happening in parts of las vegas. tony, back to you. >> atlantic city once the gambling capital of the east coast has been dealing with a losing streak for the past few years. there was a recession in 20008 and last year, the city was battered by hurricane sandy. atlantic city is now all in for revival. >> they are truly cathedrals to gambling. >> gambling is a bless or lose. >> it's a bless if you win. >> yes. >> he once worked in a casino but laid off, and now runs ladies fashion shops. hurricane sandy damaged his store and he was forced to tap into his pension and close an i.r.a. account to keep going. >> if i had no i.r.a. and if the insurance will not help me, i never would have opened the store and i would be in the street. >> he said things are so slow after the hurricane that he and his wife often stay open all night just to try to make ends meet. >> sandy caused damage along the new jersey coastline. they're there was flooding and part of the historic boardwalk was swept away. the message seemed to be atlantic city is closed for business permanently
's the year the wave train is pull putting the waves in the atlantic ocean, and the ocean is warmer than usual. the atlantic is the warm ocean. the pacific is a cooler ocean so all the global tropical activity has really fallen off quite a bit in the last five years and puts the onus on the atlantic ocean. >> you have the africa wave coming at us. that's just getting underway, and then the÷d atlantic storm systems or the atlantic cooling or warming, whatever it is, that's coming up. what about the pressure? isn't it above normal right now? >> what is going to happen is that the pressures in the happe is the pressure's in the northwest atlantic are going to build and become higher than normal. this is exactly what happened in the 1950s. the old-timers in the game of weather used to call it the new finland wheel. you would get higher pressures in the northwest atlantic. so that has the southwestern basin next to the united states, the caribbean, the gulf of mexico, for pressures to fall. when they fall at this time of the year over warm water, the air becomes unstable and you get tropical cyclo
the north atlantic and across the bay and into central and southern maryland. we expect the same weather pattern to holds that we saw last night and this morning. mostly cloudy skies for the rest of the region. 62 downtown. winds averaging about five miles per hour. the center of this area of high pressure is sitting up there over canada. it clockwise flow around rings those winds off the ocean and piles the moisture up east of the mountains. west of us, there is a new front organizing. it is going to take a couple of ,ays -- days for it to get here maybe approaching our area on monday. the weather pattern is late- night clouds, fog, afternoon sunshine. there is a big storm out over the ocean. front from the western part of the country approaching us monday afternoon. about a 20% chance of that happening. for tomorrow, we will see sunny skies like today, 69-74. sunrise right at 7:00. the bay saturday? waves about a foot, water temperatures in the low 70's. sun on saturday. theeous fall weekend up in western maryland mountains. eastern shore locations, sunny afternoon. on the coast, same
, and that is troublesome. >> enqueue. in the mid-atlantic it has been quite -- thank you. in the mid atlantic, it has been quite a grim scene after dead dolphins started washing up on shore. genetic tests .2 a virus playing -- point to a virus playing a major role in dolphin fatalities. >> 9 a.m., and most beachgoers are just waking up in the tourist town of virginia beach, but the response team is already in action. >> this is by far the most serious event i have ever seen. >> his group is responsible for sea life recovery in the entire state of virginia. they have been working on the ministry of dead dolphins washing up on the shores of the atlantic. they are responding to a call from a local resident. >> we have no live reports on animals today. >> a team of three packs a genetics kit into a trunk and head out. a 20 minute drive takes them to a remote part of the beach. there, halfway on shore, our first head dolphin of the day. >> it is a boy, age unknown, a whole carcass. >> immediately, the group gets to work, measuring the dolphin, counting teeth and assigning it a number. >> this guy is probably
on this side of the atlantic. he said he was pleased with the results and thanked the members of the e.u. they put out a single unified statement read by the head of the e.u. saying that the assad regime was behind the augus august 21st chemical weapons attack, which started this crisis. >> information from sources confirm such an attack and seem to indicate strong evidence that the syrian regime is responsible for the attack as it is the only one who possesses chemical agents and the means for its delivery in sufficient quantity. >> now barones sessio s baronesn to say that they're waiting for the u.n. report. nevertheless it is interesting to see that all those member states signed on to this statement. >> that is pretty significant. before syria was added to the agenda, secretary kerry already had a pretty significant agenda at the e.u. tell me what else was discussed at this meeting? >> that's right. originally these talks were aimed at restarting the middle east peace process, something that secretary of state has been pushing for, for quite some time. with instability in the regi
of the negotiations for the trans atlantic trade partnership and we will continue to work closely together because we both believe that working with the uk and the rest of the eu to finalize an agreement is going to create new investments, to add to those millions of people in both countries i just talked about, it will create new jobs and it will create growth on both sides of the atlantic. so as margaret thatche put it bluntly, the uk and u.s. are real and true friends and our relationship which is grounded in those values and traditions we both referred to remains as relevant today as it has been in the past and we look forward to continuing to strengthen this relationship and working hard to make real progress on the very many challenges that we face in an increasingly complicated and in too many places dangerous world, thank you, william. >> thank you very much. we will have a couple of questions from each side of the atlantic, and kyle you can pick the round. >> james robins from bbc news, mr. secretary how seriously do you take the threats of assad of retaliation by allies if the u.s. does str
. >>> a hurricane is hovering over the atlantic ocean. it's the first for this year. meteorologist robert speta joins us to tell us how serious it is. >> we have hurricane humberto and the first of 2013 and we've had two tropical storms over the atlantic ocean and this one finally making it to the 120 kilometer-per-hour mark. these are the five latest-forming hurricanes in the atlantic since the beginning of the satellite era. before that you couldn't get eyes on the ocean here to see if the storm was developing up without a ship being out there, but humberto, it formed here on september 11, 2013, at 9 utc. the other one was gustav in 2002 and just three hours later. a very quiet season thus far and this storm system as far as impacting any land areas, it really isn't going to be doing very much of that. some rain toward the azores and then toward the west moving into cooler sea surface temperatures and unfavorable conditions and expect it to slowly weaken going out to the weekend. across much of the main lann, we are seeing showers down to the southwest and monsoon almost you are continue to f
flooding in colorado. i'm leanne gregg in boulder. back into theving mid-atlantic and i >> coming up on a limb and news at 6:00 p.m., a new decision regarding the future of the race. new information on what exactly exploded outside a mitchell courthouse. these and much more when mini helicopters had a very busy day trying to drop supplies residents in colorado. >> leanne gregg is in boulder, one of the hardest hit areas, with more on the story. in addition to the cleanup, more than one dozen people remain unaccounted for in boulder county alone. problems and uncertainty remain. with the rain finally subsiding, help again today from the national guard, military personnel delivering badly needed to sign -- supplies for those people isolated. >> it's kind of an island surrounded by rushing water. we did not have electricity, water, gas. it's devastating, to be honest. complete distraction. old father has been missing since early thursday among more than one dozen people unaccounted for. >> he's a boy scout leader and he knows what to do if he got stuck in the house and we just put our f
congestion. >> aaa mid-atlantic is calling the new lanes a good idea that should help relieve some of the traffic in the regular lanes, which it hopes will benefit those who do not want to pay or cannot afford the tolls. speaking of the tolls, much like the icc in montgomery county, only, withe ez-pass extra fees for those who do not use ez-pass. >> i personally would not. i go against traffic. i live in baltimore city. i drive to white marsh. i never hit traffic. traffic, iid hit probably wouldn't. >> the lanes are not receiving good reviews from drivers, at least the ones we spoke with. some thinking that they form some sort of class system on the roads. >> i have seen it in california. it works ok, but it is kind of elitist in my opinion. so, i think it is better for all just to make more infrastructure for everybody. >> others justin upton it was worth it to spend their hard- earned cash for less traffic. -- just did not think it was worth it to spend their hard- earned cash for less traffic. will take a little money that i have. i would not do it. >> three public hearings will
widower, yet he is on a journey that may help lessen the pain of his loss, crossing the atlantic as an american diplomat to discover paris. "behold me at length on the vaunted scene of europe!" he wrote. "it is not necessary, for your information "that i should enter into details concerning it, "but you are, perhaps, curious to know how the new scene has struck a savage of the mountains of america." "were i to proceed to tell you how much i enjoy their architectu, "sculpture, painting, music, "i should want words. it is in these arts they shine." "the hospitality of paris is beyond anything "i have conceid to be practicable in a large city," he writes. his close friendship with lafayette's aunt madame de tesse brings him many times to her house for long talks on politics, architecture, gardening, art. and in his own townhouse... the hotel de langeac, jefferson entertains the leading figures of the city of paris. from here, he can look out over the champs-elysees and decide which part of the city he will explore next. about a mile away, he pauses often to watch the construction of
. on the lower eastern shore including ocean city, showers lingering into sunday morning the atlantic,p. tropical atlantic, very quiet, which is good news. not the same out in the pacific ocean. a super typhoon -- this is super typhoon usagi. this was a category five typhoon. it will be a category one when it makes landfall somewhere near hong kong. usagi, which i think means "rabbit" in japanese. monday and tuesday, highs in the 70's. >> now 11 sports with steve goldberg. >> if the orioles match their play from the last series, i.e. the winning series, they will surely i'm themselves in a great spot. if not, if they lose against tampa, the playoffs almost certainly will go on without the orioles. so, big weekend. they tried to reverse the season-long fortunes against the rays. four-run -- to that that is one of those few bang your head against the wall moments this season. back-to-back series this season, and we will see tonight. jason price. the american league wildcard standards. the rays are in now. semester senior with enough credits to graduate, but o's, there they are. enshrinement for ray
that is over the carolina us. we still have the clouds streaming in from the atlantic. over the course of the rest of the afternoon, we will break out to more sunshine and very seasonable temperatures. the only shower and thunderstorm chances will be over the deep south. travels will take you into portions of oklahoma, texas. temperatures will be in the lower 90s. still very pleasant in the mid- atlantic. full forecast coming up in just a little bit. was sailor who graduated one of two people killed when the helicopter crashed in the red sea. his chopper crash sunday. >> a team of international investigators in kenya trying to figure out how militants managed to attack and hold the westgate mall for four days. forensic investigators are carrying out under and ballistic analysis. >> coming up, a food fight. why a popular hershey store chain is suing arlington county. >> today, officials announced new changes and new vaccines against the flu. a live report coming up. a risky glitch with apple's maps. >> thursday, but eileen will be back with a look at your >> you are watching abc seven
of arizona. later, our spotlight on magazines featuring james bennett of the "atlantic," talking about the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john f. kennedy. >> what kind of world will we live in if the united states of america sees a dictator brazenly violate international law with poison gas and we choose to look the other way? president obama addressing the nation last night from the east room of the white house. he laid out his case for military strikes in syria, but also asked for quickly moving diplomatic effort to play out before taking action. good morning on this wednesday, september 11, 2013, today marks the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. there'll be observations in new york and washington dave -- today to mark the tragic events from 12 years ago. we will bring you coverage on our network and let's begin with the president's speech in your reaction. send us a tweet by going to or post your comments on facebook. you can also e-mail us. the front page of the newspapers this morning, courtesy of the new cm, the
to be found across the mid-atlantic. another cool, clear evening ahead of us. the wind is nearly calm brady sunset at 7:00. that is notable. that is the last time the sun will set at 7:00 or later until early next march read from here on out, our sunsets will be happening before 7:00. get out there and enjoy this weather pattern. it is pushing down through the mid-atlantic into the carolinas. nasty weather on the gulf coast. severe thunderstorms in mississippi and alabama. heavy tropical downpours of there. this system is blocking back from coming in. this looks like an innocent cold front through the rockies. behind it, winter storm warnings in effect. 6-12 inches of snow. it looks quiet. it is a strong cold front bringing the first taste of real winter weather to the northern rockies. here, strong high-pressure continuing. sunny to partly cloudy skies. the cloud cover wednesday and thursday, then back to sunny skies on friday -- on friday and saturday. partly cloudy skies tomorrow. 71 degrees, winds light and variable. keeping waves right around one foot. the 30ntains, down into seven thi
weather pattern along the atlantic region. most of the united states enjoying a quiet and comfortable start to the new fall season. lastsl see how long it only checkup forecast in just a few minutes. >> if you have ever had a hernia, you know how painful they can be. >> men are more likely to suffer from them but women are not immune. coming up, what you need to know about the condition. take aim at regulations in maryland's new >> gun rights activists converged on annapolis today. >> it's an effort to address sweeping gun-control measures that take effect x week. >> let's go live to annapolis for more on today's rally and the hearing. >> gun rights activists took steady aim but missed their target. just within the hour, legislative committee voted nine to six to adopt regulations without making any changes. >> we are working hard to defend your second amendment rights. found it in aey sweeping gun-control law but news organizations dn't even bother to look into. the regulations that will help police implement the law. >> the regulations are not supposed to be overbroad or under inclu
england and studied privately. some of them studied privately in the the atlantic and they became ministers and teachers in.years and all the sorts of things. in fact one of the things i got more just and as i started that project was why they were excluded from these colleges and universities. these colleges in fact have a long history with black people on campus as enslaved people but not his students. they also had a long history with native americans and at the very time that students were -- native american students had been on campus for years. >> host: native american students have been on campus doing what? >> guest: as students. >> host: how was it that they were able to be on campuses and you write about that. >> guest: if you think about it the first attempt to build a college for native american students is 210 years was the first attempt to -- the first native american graduate graduates 200 years before the first black graduate. the first native minister probably 150 years, ordained 150 years before black history. in fact part of the story i tell in the book is it's
went to new england and studied privately. some studied privately in the atlantic and became teachers and doctors and all sorts of -- in fact, actually, one of the things i got more interested in as i started the project was why they were excluded from the colleges and universities. these colleges in fact had a long history with black people on campus, and slaves but not as students. they a long history with native americans and -- native american students were on campus for 200 years. >> host: they were doing what? >> guest: as students for almost 200 years. >> host: how is it they were able to be on campuses? you write about that. >> guest: it's the beginning of the book. if you think about it, the first attempt to build a college for native american students is 20 20210 years. the first native minister probably 150 years before the first black minister. that sounds like native americans are privileged, in fact, part of the story i tell in the book it's precisely the role of university in conquest. it's precisely the role that explains the early presence of native students on campus
tropical storms that form will steer them out to the atlantic ocean. that's what we have developing here in the caribbean. temperatures are only climbing into the upper 70's today across the northeast, heating up in the southwest. this is tropical storm gabrielle, moving right over puerto rico in the dominican republic there. it is expected to maintain intensity as a tropical storm, but with that front, it will turn the storm and head over the atlantic ocean over the next five days. still could see flooding rains in the caribbean here in the next two or three days. >> israeliys and palestinians back in the negotiating table. >> a surprising tweet from the new president of iran. what he said that has people around the world wondering if the company is trying to save its ways. >> the power plant that has divided the countries largest native tribe. >> in new mexico, native american officials are finalizing a deal to purchase a coal mine from an international energy company. tribe members see it as new revenue. the plan is sparking intense controversy within the country's large evident tribe
of the atlantic, j.f.k. is on the cover, his time and ours. marking the approaching 50th anniversary of j.f.k.'s assassination. in studio james bennett, editor in chief of the atlantic is joining us. what is this about and why you decided to put out this commemorative edition? guest: we are approaching the 50th anniversary of the assassination of j.f.k. so many y unlike presidents of the 20th century remains with us today. his legacy is so contested. views of him are still all over the map. historians don't rate him that hy. they put him in the top 20 of presidents. but americans overall rate him extremely high, the pose popular president of the 20th century beside franklin roosevelt. the atlantic has been around a long time, 150 years, we covered the kennedy administration thoroughly at the time. in the years since our writers have struggled down through the years consistent with the question of what impact his administration had and what kennedy was like as a man. it's like an opportunity for us to step back, commission some new stories, insight into the revelations of all the other 50
with the atlantic ocean via the carribean. >> it has been a key maritime shipping lane. the 48-mile long water way transits nearly 5% of the world's trade. >> the u.s.'s so-called canal zone up until 1999, 14 years ago used. >> panama being the only canal may change. >> the government just inked a deal to build a new canal that the connect the two major oceans, this time a chinese company would build it and then administer it, a hong kong based company called hk and d. and the ceo wang jing, a chinese telecommunications billionaire. >> the nicaragua canal will be 82 miles longer than the panama canal. at least 130 miles long and cost an estimated $40 billion to build. this map shows the likely cost and how it will be bigger than the canal. >> wong jing wants to given construction, 2015 and complete is 2019, an oddationous goal. >> let's assume the us restricts china, then china has a nicaraguian for easy access for the navy and to the atlantic and eastern seaboard of the u.s. so is the building of the nicaragua canal an issue of national security? >> john, if the united states is in a position ove
an awful lot of activity on this site of the atlantic. we are stating to hear some information from out of the french parliament and that intelligence report that was shared by the french prime minister with parliamentarians. that report apparently indicates that these attacks were quote massive and coordinated, something the opposition would be unable to carry out. that apparently, the strikes came from government controlled areas, and that it was an attempt by the government to reclaim some of that territory in the outskirts of damascus. now furthermore french government officials who have seen this report say the use of chemical weapons poses a major threat to french and global security. so some very strong words coming out of paris. there will be a debate in the french parliament later on the week on wednesday. whether or not there will be a vote, some parliamentarians demand that they vote not just debate. french president francois hollande said he would wait not only for the french parliament to speak but for french congress. >> syrian presidential bashar al-assad saying this is p
segunda etapa como tÉcnico tuzo. >>> mientras tanto la directiva del atlante dijo que rubÉn israel serÁ el nuevo entrenador de los potros de hierro. israel llega al atlante a dirigir a libertad de paraguay, buscarÁ sacar a los potros del sÓtano ya que estÁ en el Último puesto con dos puntos. >>> en pocos dÍas la selecciÓn de mÉxico juega el pase al mundial con dos partido de eliminatoria rumbo a brasil 2014. mÉxico contra honduras, este viernes seis de septiembre con cobertura especial a partir de las 20:30 horas del este. anoche la selecciÓn de estados unidos aterrizÓ en costa rica para el choque de el viernes con los ticos. la selecciÓn de costa rica busca la revancha por el pasado 22 de marzo donde cayeron ante los norteamericanos en una intensa nevada en denver. >>> messi y su padre pagaron cinco millones de euros a las autoridades espaÑolass para evitar una fianza. estÁn acusados de defraudar mas de 4 millones de euros en declaraciones de impuestos entre 2006 y 2009. >>> para la cobertura rumbo a las eliminatorias visten univisiÓn deportes. com con la mejor informaciÓn,
this storm up over the atlantic. it will move out over the atlantic and continues to move to the north. >> for the first time in 58 years. yahoo logo got a makeover. you may be expecting something drastic, so you might be disappointed. there is the hold. you know that. here's the new. this comes after a 30-day build up where yahoo showed off the different designs online. they said, quote, while it was time for a change, it's not something that we do lightly. >>> actor betty white has racked up many accomplishments to her career, but now she can add longest female entertainer. she has worked for 74 years. she game the oldest host for saturda"saturday night live." next on al jazeera, 101 east. thank you so much for your time. don't go anywhere. china's one child policy has quoted controversy, from accusations of the state confiscating children, to forced abortions. today it is being blamed for a declining fertility rate and a major gender imbalance, with more than 30 million men, to women by 2020. i'm steve chow on this edition of 101 east, we ask if the days of china's one child polices
to puerto rico and part of dominican republic. starting to turn northwest to north and over the atlantic ocean, down graded the structure has weakened a little bit, continues to be investigated by the national hurricane center but for now what was a tropical storm is a tropical depression moving over the caribbean and turning north over the atlantic ocean. >>> dave thank you. actress betty with the white can add guiness world record holder, longest career for a female. became the oldest person to host saturday night live, remember, that happened because fans got on facebook and made it happen. i'm richelle carey, keep it here, for al jazeera inside story. have a great day. >> the united nations called it a disgraceful humanitarian calamity. the syrianar has caused millions to leave their country. we'll examine the risks and the grow crisis. >> welcome, every day 5,000 syrians cross their country's borders seeking refugee from the escalating war. the suffering and displacement has been called un paralleled in recent history, al jazeera's correspondents are covering the story across the mi
haven't had an actual named hurricane in the atlantic basin. unfortunately or fortunately right now we do not have any systems developing into hurricane currents currently although we do have areas we're looking at 20% chance for this storm to develop into tropical sites in the next 48el hours. we'll continue to monitor this. the reason why it's been so quiet along the atlantic bay is sibasinis due to the westerly ws that have inhibited development. we're looking to see more activity. it is unheard o of for it to bet quiet as it has been. in omaha, 94, and kansas city, the 96. >> we look back at the financial crisis that bring banks to a brink to collapse. >>> and what americans need to know about tony abbott. (vo) every sunday night gripping films from the world's top documentary directors. >> this is just the beginning of something much bigger. >> i am now in this place where you should never come. (vo) tomorrow night, the premiere of skydancer. >> there's this myth out there that mohawks don't get scared. (vo) how do mohawk iron workers balance work in the sky with life on the reser
of county done gal in ireland in the atlantic -- done gallon in ireland in the atlantic. willie and patrick duggan are convinced it's because of the sacred earth from the grave of an unknown woman. >> i had to say a prayer with her. she was for rats and everything. >> the saga about tory's soil is centuries years old. they say the bodies of six men and one woman were washed up one day and buried together in a mass grave. >> the woman was sitting there the next morning. and then they reburied her. and the next morning she was sitting up on top again. so they got the priest, and the priest was reading from a book and he said this woman is a saint. so we'll have to bury her over here where the cross is, and that's where we get the holy clay now. >> the clay has to be fetched by the eldest duggan family member to retain its rat-repellent properties, according to the legends, and that's because of a saints highly revered in island, also known as st. columbo. >> when he first came to the island the island was all pagan, so he wasn't allowed to land on the island. so he asked if anybody would give
with your national forecast. >> we have two tropical storms developing out over the atlantic, and that's where they are expected to impact. this is gabrielle, it's was a tropical storm, weakened and now restained strength. and humberto could become a hurricane. it does not look like it is turning to the west. it will turn north and then northeast. watching the atlantic closely. watching the midwest as more heat continues to build up. all of this heat will continue to spread northeast. 85 in new york, but 90s in memphis, washington, chicago, could easily be topping 100 degrees today. excessive heat continues. now the radar is tracking a strong area of storms over the great lakes, but a large area of rain now moving through new england. then once the sky is clear the temperatures lime. there is that heat from the midwest, hitting new york tomorrow with a thunderstorm, and then getting much nicer over the weekend. it is comfortable with highs only into the mid-70s. more rain and flash fooding across the southwest in utah, new mexico, and off to the northeast, because the flash flood watch
for transatlantic relay shun r -- relations, and by a senior fellow at the atlantic council's center for the middle east. give us a picture of what it's like right now in libya. what is happening right now? >> i think before i jump into the picture, i think one of the biggest challenges facing libya from the beginning is manage expectations. i think that's important when we are looking at the situation particularly on libya, they have faced a lot of challenges, and that continues to be the case. the daily life continues to be difficult, you have problems with electricity, and you have a government that is trying to build institutions, and it goes back to the expectations that building those institutions can't be done quickly, the announcement of a national dialogue gives us a little hope moving forward. >> what is your assessment? >> yes, there are expectations, but somewhere someone has to begin to do something for the people. and the state of the situation in a state like benghazi where the water comes now and then, the electricity doesn't come often, streets with pothole, there is no security, t
. right over the atlantic we have the first hurricane of the atlantic hurricane season. this is humberto. eight tropical storms so far but none have reached a hurricane status. the good news is it won't cause anywhere threat to any land masses for the next several days. across, continent and near the continent, we have a tropical storm that's gabrielle. it caused stormy conditions for the bermuda island and pulling away and will likely nova scotia on friday night and probably hit new finland over the weekend. across the continent, hot across the south but cooler in the north. we usually see severe conditions in this situation we have severe weather warnings in place from michigan to maine as well as southern parts of quebec and new brunswick. even tornados not be ruled out. large hail and damaging winds are also possible. across the west, flooding rain continue across the four corners region and that raises the potential for flattening landslides further but the rain won't fall in much-needed areas like california. several wildfires are still growing across the state. temperatures are re
. shanghai, 34. 30 degrees for chongqing and up to the north, only 9 for you. now across the atlantic, we have a hurricane. this is humberto. humberto is not going to affect any land masses and that's good news. it should weaken to a tropical storm within the next 24 hours. more of a concern is going to be tropical storm gabrielle which is now located off the east coast of the continent. now, this one would weaken to a tropical depression by friday. however, it's going to interact with the cold front and producing stormy conditions for atlantic canada on friday going in to the week. we are forecasting gusts reaching 90 kilometers an hour and rain about 70 millimeters and stormy conditions likely starting friday. in fact, the system is already affecting much of southeastern canada as well as the northeastern u.s. severe weather is likely for the next several hours. but as we go in to friday, much fresh air moving in from the north and creating some dry and nice conditions on your friday. now, out towards the west, flooding rains once again for the four corners region. it caused massive flo
in the discussions. >> up, up and away, the man trying to cross the atlantic using helium-filled balloons. >> a shell shocked jersey shore this morning, firefighters are still battling the blaze that destroyed 80% of the sea side boardwalk. a late night brainstorm brought relief. we have the story live in new jersey now. >> people here called it a very sad story. this used to be a center of tourism and local life, these are the many buildings destroyed in yesterday's fire. all that's left of some us just the facade. smoke is still rising from buildings, so firefighters have been spraying water to make sure hot spots left are put out. >> thursday's fire destroyed what mother nature had spared on this stretch of jersey shore. new jersey governor chris chrissy straight to the scene in shirt sleeves, looked shaken. >> i feel like i want to throw up, and that's me. after all the effort and time and resources that we've put in to help the folks at sea side park and see side heights rebuild, to see this going on is unthinkable. >> the fire started at an iconic frozen cuss start shop. hundreds of firefighter
on a scale which is the scale we use to measure the atlantic hurricanes and looking at we are looking at by the time it does make impact the storm being equivalent of a strong category three, maybe a weak category four and bring down power lines and uproot trees and a system and of course with all the rain around we are talking flash flooding across the area. >> with typhoons like these, at this speed what is your outlook as how fast it will pass through the areas and move on and where does it move on to? >> it's not moving quickly, 15-20 kilometers per hour and bring strong winds across a similar area for a longer period of time and hence the flash flooding we will be concerned about. really heavy rain and flash flooding will be a problem right through the weekend before it moves up to hong kong. >> reporter: good to get you thoughts on that outlook, thank you. syria prime minister says the civil war is in stalemate and they told the newspaper in the uk that the government nor opposition were currently capable of winning the conflict and called for an end to external intervention if
of the atlantic, ka ri caribbean af of mexico. once you start the international dateline in the pacific a similar storm would be called a typhoon. becomes a major hurricane in and will reach 111 miles per hour. while 150 miles per hour what we call category 4 hurricane in the atlantic is a wind speed called a super typhoon. >> more than 100 people have died in mexico after two tropical storms slammed in to the country. worst hit was the areas around the resort story of alcapulco where mud slides left a path of destruction. the mexican president toured the area today. helped rebuild in a safer location. al jazeera reports from la can t*e ra. >> reporter: rescue teams slowly unearth what lies. beneath a disaster zone. mudslide is huge and there seems to be little chance of finding survivors. here they locate the body of a woman, one of many they expect to find in the coming days. survivors said the mudslide hit without warning. >> translator: i lost any nephew, my grandchildren, the whole house is gone. i lost my entire family. although people are safe here, they say it's impossible to see what hap
, across the atlantic great britan is implementing reforms to its national health services. >> as the u.s. prepares for a major change in health care the u.k. is facing the biggest remodelling of the health system since the birth of the nhs. the nation is implementing the health and service care act. intended to have oversight, streamlined coverage and allowing private outsourcing. >> from 5 july... . >> since its creation in 1946. the nhs is the largest single payer health server. every british system had access to the same medical care, regardless of the individual cost. there has been difficulties and scandals along the way. one of the biggest revealed in a 2009 investigation, uncovered hundreds of patients in two hospitals dying through negligence and poor management. critics say the scandal exposed the nhs as a bloated bure okay rahsy caring -- bure okay rahsy, caring little for the patients and more for protecting jobs. >> julie lost her mother and started to cure the nhs. she supports the idea of a national health care system, but warns americans of creating a bureaucracy so larg
us. you may have seen it last night on abc2, the miss america pagent returned to atlantic site. she is gorgeous and they are all are. nina davuluri is the first indian american to win. she competed with celebrating diversity through culture competency and is the second miss new york in a row to take home the crown. after the frolic in the search this morning she will head to the scene of the devastated boardwalk fire in seaside park and seaside heights in theafternoon. >>> the brand new season of dancing with the stars kicks off tonight. and the change this season is going to be different. they are going to air it once a week instead of twice. among the dozens stars set to take the dance floor valerie harper, jack osborne and bill nye the science guy. snooki and keyshawn johnson to name a few. you can watch the show tonight right here on abc2 all the fun starts at 8. >>> small screen legend bob newhart won the first ever acting emmy on sunday at the age of 84 for the guest appearance on the big bang theory. he was inducted into the tv academy hall of fame 20 years ago has racked up
in the mid-atlantic region that kind of makes air pollution particularly bad here. this study bad means more people die. >> reporter: part of the problem is a small densely populated state breathing other people's pollution along with its own. this pollution map showing the effects of being down wind of auto emissions from d.c. and northern virginia on just one bad day in july and this before and after photo from the shenandoah national park documenting the smoggy haze drifting into the region from coal burning power plants in the ohio valley. >> in the mid-atlantic region is where the air pollution from the ohio power plants converges. we tend to have higher sources of traffic-related air pollution. we have higher sources of industrial air pollution in cities like baltimore all making it so that the air pollution is worse for us here. >> reporter: the m.i.t. study relies on data going back to 2005 and state environmental officials here point out regulations have been tightened significantly since, but the fact remains that air pollution doesn't recognize state boundaries and maryland has
santos en torreÓn, por el descenso chiapas se alejÓ a 13 puntos del atlante que solamente lo tenÍa arriba por un puntal iniciar el torneo, es increÍble. ahÍ ves el trabajo de sergio bueno y el kconvencimiento de ls jugadores. >>> rey apertura, toca flo tata habÍa pillado adelantado a sambueza. >>> convencimiento de bueno con los jugadores combinado que el atlante no ha ganado en este torneo, ese colchÓn le da tranquilidad a jaguares para trabajar cada uno de lospartidos y tener el margen de error que te permita arriesgar un poco mÁs. >>> arriesgÓ de mÁs gui haaguil devoluciÓn no fue efeciente por mÁs esfuerzo que hiciera en su intento el chorri de la peÑa. >>> anticipa mustafÁ. >>> cÍrculo central del terreno de juego, alvarez que aparece. pelota que venÍa buscando mendieta. >>> viene romero a la cancha. >>> otro delantero. >>> yo lo ven en pantalla. esta fue la gran promesa, el gran futuro que nunca llegÓ para los rojinegros del atlas. >>> estÁ jugando un poco mas aprovechÓ muy bien el hueco que dejÓ ochoa por suspension. lo hace muy bien, hablamos de la dificultad que t
will kind of rotate out to atlantic and eventually maybe come part of more important storm off the coast. for time being though high pressure continue to keep it moving south of us. also, for the most part we think probably moving away from the coast. but if this thing develops over the weekend, right now indication are it will be moving away. track would be key but there could be some big is your is of in some perhaps some pretty strong rip currents this weekend at the beaches. continuation of high pressure as well low kind of keeping everything funneled we will wait and see what maps we think our weaken look like will dry. they can out future cast. we will watch these showers and couple of decks clouds moving on through. but we think tomorrow all out of neither afternoon. and then we will watch and see what happens at the coast. you can grown see the first indications of that area of low pressure developing, but again we do believe right now, that model want to keep far enough away we will watch for those waves for tonight 58 degree it will be mostly cloud which and not quite as chilly
in the atlantic. brushing up against the beaches on the lower eastern shore, the system looks like it will drift farther out to sea tonight. coastal areas and you are sure will be dealing with some of the areas in the high clouds in the area more clouds to the east of your toward the coast where fog might form overnight and possibly even a little sprinkle could develop on the western fringe of all the activity. farther to say, the east you go, the more clouds overnight. tomorrow, high pressure is still sitting up here pushing up and then building down into the mid- atlantic. this will be the dominant weather feature for friday, saturday, and sunday. slow moving and falling a part a bit. expect is all we can a sprinkle or two. tomorrow, early morning clouds and fog. sunny skies in the afternoon. we will repeat that for saturday and sunday. a beautiful weather pattern holding us. tomorrow, the high temperatures, a light northeast breeze. on the date tonight -- tomorrow, winds right around the foot. water temperatures in the low 70's. 105 in the afternoon friday. the western maryland mountains are
close. north carolina man's unbelievable plan to cross the atlantic ocean. >>> it was nothing short of breath taking. two veteran warriors of middle east battlefields joining a young american president in a first step of peace. a handshake between two men who have been bitter enemies for deca decades. wisest kid in the whole world? how can i be a more fun mom? hmmm. can you dance? ♪ bum ba bum ba bum ♪ bum ba bum ba bum no. no? can you make campbell's chicken noodle soup? yes! [ wisest kid ] every can has 32 feet of slurpable noodles. now that's fun. mom, you're awesome. oh yeah! ♪ bum ba bum ba bum [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good! vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. just go to, configure your car, and get connecte
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